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Tochka Experience Study Tour

About the Study Tour

Thank you for your interest in the Tochka Experience Study Tour. Within the SME Banking Club and Tochka Bank you have exclusive opportunity to learn how to improve customer service, develop digital solutions and inspiring core values and empower your employees to excel in your organization.

Our Tochka Experience Study Tour is a 2-days glimpse into the Tochka Bank culture and experience. This tour does give an inside look into our everyday work life on campus. If you’re looking to see what all of the talk is about, this is the tour for you. This excursion offers a glimpse into the Tochka Bank business model. Say hello to some of our amazing culture-filled departments, such as Relationship Management (customer service), Marketing and our IT Team. Of course, Boris Dyakonov, Tochka’s key manager, will wait for you and ready to share with personal experience and knowledge.

Do you want to have an exclusive tour?

Do you have a large group that would like to visit the Tochka Bank and Knopka? Do you have some special request and your management would like to visit separately from other ones? Well, the option ‘Corporate’ is for you! You will receive the Tochka Experience Study Tour as well as an additional one hour presentation following your needs. This presentation will dive deeper into the area you are looking for details.

How to attend?

You can choose an individual registration and join one of the groups with up to 10 people per group. Please fill the registration form below, and we will start working on your fantastic study tour to Tochka Bank.

Come to the Tochka Experience Study Tour and get your questions answered!

What’s included

  • on-site visit to the Tochka Bank and Knopka offices
  • the interviews and presentations from the Tochka Bank management
  • the on-site visit to online office; business solutions overview
  • insides from compliance and risk management
  • specific presentations about Agile and holocracy approaches implementation in the bank
  • the private keynote speech from Boris Dyakonov
  • Q&A session with the bank’s management

What’s not included

  • travel costs (flight, taxi, train, etc.)
  • accommodation expenses (hotel)
  • food



    • 2 days
    • Your bank employees only
    • Max 10 people
    • Study Tour
    • Private keynote speech from Boris Dyakonov
    • Q&A session
  • 10000

    • 2 days
    • Private pass
    • Max 10 people
    • Study Tour
    • Private keynote speech from Boris Dyakonov
    • Q&A session
  • 2000