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1st MENA SME Banking Conference

MENA SME Banking Club Conference 2017

in Cairo, Egypt, December 8, 2016


SMEs banking 360 degrees

SME has been key concern in MENA countries and Egypt where it produce majority of GDP and jobs for the wide spectrum of educational and skillful levels, flourishing SME sectors together with financial inclusion represent key challenges and ideal remedy for governments and banks in the present economic climates, therefore Central Bank of Egypt took along 2016 structural measures highlighting the opportunity and extending SME Banking landscape.

Consequently, this conference is an important milestone gathering all stakeholders to share: where do we stand, building SME banking solid and profitable model, set and review clear strategies for 2016 and along 2019 set by central bank to make SME 20% of banks portfolio.

The event objective: to picture banking and non-banking financial institutions as integrated commercial offer to SMEs rather than competitors. Promote insurance guarantee as main driver for SME banking and non-banking growth. Promote awareness of banking and financial institutions namely: leasing, factoring and insurance to SME clients and SME community.


  1. Acquire the required contents, Interact and Network with top notch international & local experts, SME clients and all stakeholders in a professional and exciting context.
  2. Know SME market figures, analytics and trends to recognize your bank market share and set your future targets.
  3. Listen to customers’ voice and SME segments’ financial & products needs.
  4. Define / Audit / Re-define your SME banking strategy and platform.
  5. Design / Audit / Re-design solid and profitable SME banking model.
  6. Identify quick-wins for 2016 and plans for 2017 and beyond.


The conference comprises three progressive sessions with three breaks and seated lunch for maximum refreshments and networking, starting by the opening remarks highlighting the expected outcome of the conference.

The 1st session will be reviewing global SME banking context, local market analytics, components of successful SME banking solid & profitable Model and relevant SME Banking strategies.

Then the 2nd session will cover best practice from India, Central & Eastern Europe, China, Morocco where SME represent 25% of banks portfolio and locally focusing on SME market segmentation and modeling, also a key presentation about SME BANKING INNOVATION LIBRARY displaying SME innovations around the world.

Afterward, the 3rd session will start with listening to customers’ voice from SME owners and associations telling how they regard banks and what products they need now, moving to Non-financial products advisory and consultancy especially to the small segments, supporting applications of workflow, CRM & Scoring, Training to build SME capacity then ending with another key presentation SME BANKING BETWEEN TWO ERAS.

The concluding remarks will be wrapping up all conference presentations and interactions into SHORT & CLEAR ROAD MAP for the remaining of 2016, along 2017 and ahead.

Look forward to join such exciting event, uplifting your SME Banking into the next level!


Promotion of Access to Financial Services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt


Providing jobs to millions, SMEs form the backbone of any strong economy. Their capacity for innovation, job creation and ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments makes them a vital building block for economic growth and prosperity. Despite being the largest SME hub in the Middle East, Egypt’s SMEs face multiple challenges including legal and regulatory issues, lack of technology adoption, unskilled workers, and, particularly dampening SME growth, access to suitable financial services. Securing formal financing often requires SMEs to undergo long and tedious procedures, forcing many to rely on informal ways to finance their ventures instead.

Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs), such as leasing, factoring, equity finance or insurance companies, can help solve this financing gap by providing financial services outside the banking system. NBFIs can thus provide a wide range of tailored services to SMEs complementary to the services offered by traditional banks. While large in potential, the use of non-bank financial services for SMEs is still in its infancy.


Financial services offered to SMEs by NBFIs are strengthened with regard to positive employment effects.


The project consists of five main areas of intervention, bringing together relevant actors of the public and private sector:

  1. Improving the legal and regulatory framework for NBFIs. The project provides technical assistance to the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) in order to support their effort to establish and enable a suitable legal and regulatory framework for SME finance in Egypt.
  2. Strengthening the financial market infrastructure. In order to expand credit guarantee schemes and thus make providing financial services to SMEs more attractive, the project supports the Credit Guarantee Company (CGC) by enhancing its institutional and human capacities. Furthermore, it supports the Financial Services Institute (FSI), EFSA’s research and training institute, in developing demandoriented training programmes for NBFIs.
  3. Developing the capacities of selected NBFIs. The project provides technical support at the individual and institutional level to selected NBFIs to help them improve their services to SME clients.
  4. Improving access to finance for young companies (startups). The project supports the development and adoption of innovative but also more traditional equity and debt financing instruments to improve the access to finance for young,
    growth-oriented entrepreneurs.
  5. Promoting insurance for SMEs and their employees. The project supports insurance providers in developing new insurance products and distribution channels in order to increase uptake among SMEs and their employees.

Read more:


Company Name: Elsewedy Electric

Company Profile:

Owing to a successful growth rate year after year and aligning with the expansion strategy of the company, by operating in 5 diversified energy segments:

  1. Cables & Accessories.
  2. Energy Management (Meters).
  3. Transformers.
  4. Renewable Energy Solutions (Wind & Solar).
  5. Projects (EPC, Development & Finance).

Elsewedy Electric is a well-established group with extensive holdings, both locally and beyond borders in several other Middle Eastern & African countries as well as some European & Asian countries. With the goal of providing our customers a one-stop solution in terms of Designing, Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

Address: Plot No. 27, 1st District, 5th Settlement, P.O. Box 311, New Cairo 11853, Egypt


Telephone: (+202)-27599700/701 – (+20) 1003497178                      

Fax: (+202)-27599735



the event was attended by delegates from

MENA SME Banking Conference in Cairo brings together key decision makers in SME industry and all stakeholders namely banks’ SME heads and teams, Corporate and Branches heads, Risk, Marketing, Strategy, Projects and Business development, SMEs, Start-ups, Financial regulators and government from offices related to SME, NGOs, and financial non-banking institutions. In brief: SMEs Community.

Conference Agenda



Andrey Gidulyan

CEO at SME Banking Club

Mohamed Antably

Head of Corporate Commercial and Marketing, QNB, Egypt

Hayder Al-Bagdadi

Head of the GIZ projects

Nermin El-Tahry

GM Banking Reform Sector at Central Bank of Egypt

Yuriy Voychak

CEO at SME Finance Company, Project manager, Ukraine / China

Walie Lotfy

Head of Proximity Banking - Distribution at Credit Agricole, Egypt

Hamdy Azzam

Head of SME committee at Federation of Egyptian Banks

Mohamed Zakaria

MSME and Capacity Building Consultant at USAID SEED project

Alaa El Sakty

Chairman of the Association of Investors of SME / Egypt Board Member (GAFI)

Daker Abdella

Board Member of Egyptian Union for Constrction Contractors, Vice Chairman of Arab Union for Urban Communities

Bassam Azab

Business Risk Services at Grant Thornton, UAE

Mohamed Yehia Amiri

Head of Marketing and Business Development at SAIBank

Shahinaz Rashad

Executive Director at Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA)

Ola El Khawaga

Director, Research & Awareness Department at The Egyptian Banking Institute

Mohamed Refaat

Managing Director at I-Score

Reem El Saady

Principle Manager ASB SME Finance & Dev. Group, EBRD









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