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I Ежегодная Практическая Международная Банковская Конференция

CIS SME Banking Club Conference 2012

г. Киев, 5-9 ноября 2012 года


About Event

Small and medium business banking’s time has finally come. There is a challenge for banks and businesses to ensure SME becomes powerful business segment in our country or not. For both large and small banks, small business owners and their companies are the perfect target segment to replace and expand income that has fueled many banks’ yearly earnings growth.

The Good news: Small business is an essential focus and anchor for bank profitability. In the last couple of years, we have streamlined and resized offerings to small businesses, their owners and their employees.

The Bad news: Small businesses are having tough times and banks still haven’t solved the core challenge around working with businesses and their owners in the branches.

In this new environment, the questions are obvious; the answers are not: How will we keep our best customers? Deepen their business and personal wallet with us? Acquire more attractive customers?

In response to this changing landscape and low credit demand we’ve chosen SME Banking opportunities in non-lending and non-financial services as 3rd annual conference theme, managed by us, SME Banking Club. Together, we will look at revenue and growth, new ideas, and emerging leaders who have found new, practical ways to focus and move forward through this transformation of bank profitability.

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