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Redefining Digital Banking for SMEs

Digital Banking

Internet Banking

While digital has become the main channel of the banking client relationship, this year we are seeing an acceleration of all players on Internet banking.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is growing and is being adopted at financial institutions of all sizes. Well-planned digital banking strategy can improve CX and relationships.

New Approaches to SME Financing

SME Finance

Small Business Lending

Traditional bank finance poses challenges to SMEs, in particular to newer, innovative and fast growing companies, with a higher risk-return profile.

Alternative sources for SME Financing

With a lack of funding provided by banks, a recent surge of SMEs have emerged seeking alternative finance options.

New Trends in Agricultural Finance

Agricultural Finance

Agricultural Lending

Innovations in technology and the structure of agricultural markets enable the evolution of approaches that can help agri-finance.

Value Chain Finance

Experience suggests that value chain finance is arguably one of the most sustainable and effective ways of reaching smallholder farmers.


We believe in SME. SME Banking Club organizes international and regional banking conferences dedicated to micro-, small and medium business segments.


Innovations and startup banking

17-18 May 2018. Tbilisi, Georgia. IV annual SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Caucasus region [Caucasus18] will gather international financial experts and local bankers as to discuss the latest trends in small business lending, mobile and internet banking development.

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SME finance restart in the digital era

20-21 September 2018. Kiev, Ukraine. This year senior bankers and SME experts will meet each other at VII annual SME Banking Club Conference 2018 [BUM18] for BUM sub-region (Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova) to discuss the strategies of SME banking, opportunities in SME finance, digital banking and agricultural finance services.

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Digital banking in SME segment

29-30 October 2018. Warsaw, Poland. During upcoming IV annual SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe [CEE18] business bankers and financial experts will meet as to discuss the latest digital transformation trends in SME banking segment and a role of new players in SME financial services.

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Who's Speaking?

We invite banks' CEOs and Board Members, Heads of SME Banking, service providers and strategic consultants to present their case studies, share lessons learned and best practice as to inspire people, be recognized as a market leader and influencer, and get a feedback from colleagues, partners, and clients.

Nikoloz Kurdiani

Deputy CEO at TBC Bank, Georgia

Robert Kossmann

Deputy CEO at Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine

Boris Dyakonov

CEO at Tochka Bank, Russia

Yakov Novikov

Co-founder at ModulBank, Russia

The Best Speakers

We invite senior bankers and financial gurus across the world who can share best practice and give expert advice



Learn case studies from different financial institutions and get the latest insights


Professional Networking

It is an excellent place to network with industry experts, meet with friends and find new contacts


Time For Your Questions

It's a great occasion to come and listen to speakers, ask your question and get feedback from industry professionals

How SME Banking Conferences look like

Each year SME Banking Club hosts a series of stimulating international conferences. Each conference includes an overview of industry and best practices in the particular region. It also explores some of the key issues facing the region and the industry at the moment. SME Banking Club Conferences attract international speakers from world financial institutions willing to share their views and experience on SME & Business Banking.

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